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We offer all levels of classes for Youth and Adults, and a special performance based program for advanced teens

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Youth Program

Our Youth Program offers classes at a variety of levels for dancers age 5-18. Classes are based on a 9 month program, beginning mid-September and ending in mid-June, culminating in a live performance. 

Students explore tap technique, history, and music through a curriculum developed to give a deeper education into the art of tap dance.  Dancers learn historical and contemporary choreography as they move through the program, adding skills and repertory each season.  New students to our program can schedule an assessment with faculty to determine the best level of class to enroll based on current skills. Scholarship assistance available for those who qualify. 


Teen Performance Ensemble - The Tap Ambassadors

The ensemble is modeled after the Tap City Youth Ensemble. This program has several levels and serves to give int/adv level tap dancers age 12-18 a place to explore tap at a deep level, honing technique,  learning classic and contemporary choreography and working with a variety to tap dance artists in the field today. Performance opportunities vary from local events to educate the pubic about tap dance to traveling to participate in selected tap dance festivals and events in the US and abroad.  Participation is based on audition and/or invitation to participate. This is a tuition based training program. Scholarship support is available based on need and merit.   


Adult Program

Our Adult Program offers multiple levels from introductory workshops for absolute beginners to classes for students with prior experience.  Students can develop and build skills and learn and explore classic and contemporary technique and choreography.  If you are looking for a great community of adult students who enjoy the benefits of tap dance and dancing together in a supportive space, you can find it at NYC Tap Dance Central. 

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